In conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Restsso Ltd, two local photographers, Stewart Brittenden and Javier Millan conducted a personal project which aims to provide recognition to the people of Gibraltar.

These individuals have been recognised as “Local Heroes” and through the power of photography we wish to highlight their efforts, hard work and great service they have provided or are currently providing the local community.

Below please find 12 Local Heroes who were voted for by the public. We hope that through their example you will be inspired to achieve whatever you set out to do in life and help others along the way.

I hope you enjoy the photographs and please feel free to provide any feedback on our project.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Best Wishes


Whether it’s a road accident, a cliff rescue, an urban search or underwater incident, the city’s fire officers are always ready for any eventuality. With around 1500 call outs last year, the fire brigade personnel are highly trained individuals who must work efficiently and effectively as a unit when assistance is required. Having served the community since 1865, the City Fire Brigade’s main priority is your safety.


Since its establishment in 1958, the Royal Gibraltar Regiment has been providing protection and security to Gibraltar, its territorial waters and key MOD and NATO installations. Comprised of a modern light role infantry battalion, its soldiers have been deployed to operational theatres all over the globe. One of the many highlights of the Regiment include providing public duties at Buckingham Palace and St James’ Palace together with firing the Royal Gun Salute at the Tower of London on the Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. Today the Regiment provides inspiration to people from all walks of life who want to learn new skills and lead an active lifestyle.


With the support of the Environmental Safety Group, Janet has campaigned tirelessly to develop and promote environmental awareness throughout the region and has lobbied industry and Government to ensure that environmental concern plays a much bigger part of their decision making process in order to provide Gibraltarians with a better quality of life.


Born in 1931, Jose has spent most of his time in Gibraltar, La Linea and Atajate. A tireless defender of workers' rights, he began his working class struggle before he came of age. His commitment to equality, respect and dignity established him at the forefront of the trade union movement in Gibraltar. In 1972 he led the General Strike pressing the Ministry of Defence for better working conditions including parity which successfully ended with a basic pay rate increase. A committed internationalist he is always willing to lend a hand to a worthy cause even now 15 years after retirement.


Laura has dedicated half of her entire life to the chapel of our Lady of Lourdes at St. Mary the Crowned Cathedral. Since 1978, she has dedicated her free time to the cleaning, decorating and all round maintenance of the chapel with a particular interest in the flower arrangements. With the fees coming mostly out of her own pocket, Laura has selflessly devoted herself to this worthy task proving she is an invaluable part of the church and the Catholic community at large.


Co-founder and Honorary life president of the Gibraltar Women’s Association, Mariola played an instrumental role in promoting women’s rights locally and with particular success in launching local women into the labour market. As a pioneer of gender equality she brought about many changes in the socio-economic and domestic front with her biggest achievement in gaining full equality and freedom of choice for women being enshrined in the Gibraltar Constitution.


During the 1990’s, Mark was involved in a massive relief effort during the Bosnian War. Having visited the country on numerous occasions, Mark provided medical and food supplies to hundreds of families in desperate need. By visiting children in hospital he witnessed the atrocities of war first hand and brought back many lasting memories. Today you can still find Mark collecting money for local charities and offering his voluntary services to any worthy cause.


Mention a bow tie and most Gibraltarians will refer to the same man. Nephew of the late Sir Joshua Hassan, Momy is a larger than life character who is ever present in the public eye. As Gibraltar’s first civil Mayor and chairman of the Gibraltar branch of the Royal British Legion, he is a staunch supporter of the Queen and has long lobbied for a British Gibraltar. A prominent figure in the Jewish Community he is known for enjoying life to the fullest and if you have the time he will gladly entertain you with stories of his colourful past.


A legend in his own right, Pepe has done it all. At the tender age of 99, mentioning his achievements would be pointless as they would be longer than your average monthly shopping list. Organisations such as the GASA, Casino Calpe, Gibraltar Regiment, St Bernard’s and the Royal British Legion all hold his name in high esteem. Yet his services to the Catholic religion remain closest to his heart having served the Legion of Mary for over 60 years.


Abdul is the secretary of the Moroccan Worker’s Association and provides the link between the local people and the Moroccan community. Always in tune with the community’s needs, Abdul actively promotes Islamic culture on the rock with an aim to encourage unity and harmony between people of all religious backgrounds.


Being the leader of worship services at the Parish Hall Mosque, the Imam provides religious guidance to both the Muslim community and to the community at large by spreading the word of peaceful co-existence, acceptance and tolerance. Abdessamad works closely with local charities and associations which encourage positive integration and cultural exchange between young members of the local community regardless of their faith or ethnicity.


Providing 24 hour medical care for the community, the Emergency Ambulance Service is always on duty. In addition to responding to emergency calls, the ambulance crew provide pre-arranged patient transport and also work closely with the police and fire service when dealing with major accidents or large scale incidents. Trained to the highest standards, the ambulance crew continually improve and develop working relationships with these essential services and with the community at large.