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For over 50 years Restsso has been at the forefront of the food & drink business in Gibraltar, setting up long term partnerships with many of the leading international companies in these industries to bring everyone's favorite brands to Gibraltar. Today we are one of the leading importers and distributors of FMCG into Gibraltar. We have an effective and efficient structure based on our market knowledge and trade relationship to maximize our business opportunities and to contribute to sustainable growth in our & our clients operations.



Restsso was founded as a family business in 1962, acting as importer and distributor for various lines of food & drink products.

The length of time we have worked together with some of our leading principals is a good measure of our commitment to building long term, working relationships:

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The company has grown organically and through acquisitions to achieve its leading market position:

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RESTSSO Gourmet Range & Club:

Restsso are proud to launch Their NEW Gourmet Range & The Gourmet Club.
For anyone who loves eating!

Over the coming months with the help of some of the finest chefs in the world we will;

  • Create the range that carries the RESTSSO "Gourmet Range" tag!
  • Share with you via RESTSSO Gourmet Club how best to prepare, cook & serve with Video Tutorials - Recipe Cards - Hints - Tips.
  • "Ask the Chef" functionality will enable you to learn from a professional
  • “Money cant buy” competitions will simply create dreams for all you budding chefs

To kick us of we welcome Michelin 2 Star Chef Martin Blunos.

Chef Blunos has spent the summer with us in our development kitchen working with our suppliers preparing/cooking and selecting which delicious dishes which will carry the RESTSSO Gourmet Tag.



We supply many of Gibraltar's restaurants, cafe's bars with a fine selection of the following:

  • Restsso-Beef
  • Restsso-Burgers
  • Restsso-Cheeses
  • Restsso-Fish
  • Restsso-French-Fries
  • Restsso-Ice-Cream
  • Restsso-Kebabs
  • Restsso-Lamb
  • Restsso-Oils
  • Restsso-Part-Baked-Bread
  • Restsso-Pies
  • Restsso-Pork
  • Restsso-Poultry
  • Restsso-Veg

Built on over 55 years of experience in developing businesses in Gibraltar